Cancer Research With A Twist

Even though my cancer diagnosis is fairly recent, I have noticed that it is stimulating a desire within me to do research.

I’m sure googling is common for cancer patients. It is natural and normal to want to learn more about the disease, treatments, side effects and prognosis. Although Google can be a great way to resource information and to gain knowledge, when it comes to a medical diagnosis it can also create unneeded fears and take one down a track that is actually not a match to their specific medical status. For me, at least for now, I will leave the research up to my care providers and ask my questions directly to them so I can stay connected to what is going on in my body based on their expert opinions and experiences.

Where I personally happened to land within the scope of interest in research is in how to have some fun accessorizing my soon-to-be new look of a bald head, absent eyebrows, and eyelashes. Since my days with hair are numbered in the anticipation of soon beginning chemo treatments, I am currently taking the time to view youtube videos on the myriad of ways to tie scarves and to apply make-up.

Since I enjoy learning and taking on challenges, I have already begun practicing tying knots and creating buns and turbans using scarves and playing with eye make-up and applying false eyelashes.

I believe every patient, cancer or otherwise should walk their walk trough treatment their way. For me, that comes to answering the question, What feels right for me? In my case, it is to have some fun. Since I enjoy fashion, styling my hair, using make-up and jewelry to accessorize my look when I’m healthy, it makes sense that this is a good place to play now. 

If a month ago someone predicted I would be spending time practicing scarf tying or trying on wigs, I would have laughed. Now I am laughing at myself as I experiment with new looks.

Since laughing is one of my treatment plans, I trust it is also simultaneously healing what ails me.

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