I Believe

Since my life will soon begin to take some new twists and turns, which I anticipate sharing via this blog, I thought a bit of background on the title would shed some light on my mindset and inspiration regarding my unfolding breast cancer journey.

She Believed She Could. . .So She Did was the cover title of a small journal that was gifted to me by my business partner, David. He actually gave it to me shortly before I learned of my diagnosis. When I initially held it in my hands and read the title cover, I became very excited to journal some current things on my mind regarding building our business and achieving a variety of personal goals in the coming year.  Little did I know at that time that I would soon be diagnosed with rapid growing invasive ductal breast cancer. As I mentally prepared myself for what was to come regarding caring for my health, this little journal became an inspiration to dig deep and believe in myself, even in the face of an exceptionally challenging experience.

The title reminded me that I am in control of what Ibelieve and that I am quite skillful at following through on anything that aligns with both my spirit and my mind.

In this case I believe without question I can live out this experience without prolonged emotional suffering and without constant fear. I believe my sense of humor and gift for joy will lift me up and carry me over the rough spots on the road. I believe I will not wear the shoes of a victim, but of a spiritually confident woman that knows cancer will not steal her joy. I believe I am in charge of how I will care for myself and that I will be self-compassionate, self-understanding and self-loving. I believe I can manage my work activities in a way that will be of service to my clients as well as to my business partner and myself. I believe cancer will not define me, but will simply be a diagnosis that brings with it a variety of challenges and inconveniences. I believe I will be wiser, stronger, more understanding, more compassionate and more insightful as a result of the experience. I believe I will make some new friends, have some interesting conversations and share a lot of laughter with others along this path. I believe I will ask for help when I need it and others will be happy to respond.

With all of the above inspiring me to stay fully present and intentional, the result will be that I will live life fully with gratitude and joy no matter what and when the time comes to finally check out of this  life, I will know I DID IT and did it well.

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