My Chemo Field Trip

My husband and I arrived at the local cancer treatment center for my first chemo treatment bright and early yesterday morning. Even though I was well informed by my doctor and nurses prior to arriving I didn’t know how I would respond either physically or emotionally. Since I like to always be prepared to be as comfortable as possible, I packed an airline carry-on bag with every possible necessity I may need. #justcallmeprincess

Ready for take off!

My husband joked that it looked like I was going to camp for a week. I liked that comparison since I was already believing this whole new cancer with chemo experience will be a series of interesting field trips where I can learn new things, meet new people and discover something new about myself. Clearly, his joke fit my intentions perfectly.

As it turned out, I had no discomfort or any other negative side effects over the course of the day. I tolerated all of the meds without incident. I had a nice nap in the morning due to the infusion of anti-nausea drugs and an IV dose of Benadryl, which was no surprise since two aspirin can cause me to doze off.

Simple pleasure of hunger being met.

My usual M.O. regardless of what I’m doing or where I am going is to find something to enjoy. As it turned out, the whole day was purely enjoyable. Throughout my visit, I focused on being grateful and there were plenty of things on my list.

I was grateful for the kind and compassionate care and fun bantering with my caregivers. I appreciated the comfy chemo chair with heat, massage and reclining ability. (The eight-hour visit was easier on me than my husband since his chair lacked the special features).

I was also grateful that I live in an era that the powerful drugs that dripped into my vein all day were available to me. As each new bag was hung, I blessed it and said thank you. Perhaps the blessing will help it to not harm the healthy parts of me.

Since I am not very good at suffering I was most grateful that I experienced no negative side effects and that my body was strong enough to receive the drugs so healing can begin.

Now that I’m home, I am obviously not out of the side-effect woods and am prepared to meet whatever shows up in whatever ways will serve me most.


  1. You are such an amazing woman and I greatly appreciate you allowing so many of us to travel this journey with you. I so loved that you blessed each bag as it was hung and have found things to truly be thankful for and positive about. LOVE you blanket and your compassion for your husband who could not be as comfortable as you were. Pray for continued health, healing and enjoyable days for you.


    • Thank you, Gail! I am seeing this cancer experience of one to truly test the powers of positivity. No matter what I believe I will learn a lot. Thank you for joining and supporting me on this journey!


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