Neutrophil Bootcamp

It is day two after my first Chemo treatment.

Last evening my first dose of Neulasta infused automatically through the injector patch attached to my left arm. This is a usual treatment protocol for cancer patients to rebuild the white blood cells killed in the attack during my Chemo treatment.

My white blood cells were innocent bystanders. There was no way to spare their lives in the annihilation of cancer cells. The good news is a new army of neutrophils are building their forces in my bone marrow in this very moment.

Even though they are creating a bit of havoc causing some mild general flu-like, bone aching symptoms, I am not going to complain. I am grateful for modern science providing cancer patients this treatment so we can have a defense against infections. In other words, it goes with the deal.

For the next couple of days, it will be my job to patiently wait for my neutrophil army to reorganize. It amuses me to picture these microscopic cells lining up at attention and taking orders and going through boot camp exercises so they get strong enough to protect my body from any threatening infections that may come along.

I am granting this army full permission to build their ranks and strength since my body is depending on their defense. There will be future attacks and they must be ready.

In the meantime, I will do my part by patiently resting, eating well and providing a warm nurturing place for them to grow. Since I am the host (or the general in this metaphor) I give the order to carry on while I be at ease.


  1. Good Morning Kate! So how are you spending your time of ease when they are all lined up, doing what they are supposed to be doing helping to make you well again. Are you a reader? Favorite movies? Napping always is a wonderful activity. Wishing you and your beautiful white blood cells the very best today.


    • Good morning, Gail. Yes, I love all the things you mentioned. So today will be one of my princess days where I will meditate, soak in a deep hot bath, listen to music, read some inspirational books and perhaps watch some Netflix. Since I am in charge I will follow whatever whims should show up. Thanks for checking in! 🙂


    • It is always good to BE the General in full command of the terms of engagement! I cannot think of a wiser, more brilliant leader to be in charge! Toasting you, dear Kate, with my coffee in bed…I am sharing my space of Ease and Wellness, as always!


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