The Little Things

One of my significant learnings on this cancer journey so far is that it is the little things that bring the most comfort.

Perhaps it is because when we feel ill our needs get narrowed down the basics.

For me, the little things, which are actually big things in disguise all come under the heading of love.

When I was hospitalized recently for dehydration and subsequent kidney failure, my husband showed up one day with a big smile on his face and a roll of soft, cushiony Charmin toilet paper in each hand replacing the hospital grade rough stuff I had been using. I couldn’t have been happier if he brought me a dozen red roses.

Another little gift from my dear husband was serving Ensure in an elegant stemmed wine glass. When nothing sounded good for me to eat or drink, this treat felt and tasted special as if I was at a fancy party, not sprawled out on my sofa.

When I needed to be reminded that I am on course and that all is well, I reached out to a sweet friend and fellow breast cancer survivor, Tami, so she could reassure me that I am right on course. Another little thing was how inspired I was to look at her beautiful smiling picture so I could be reminded that she got through her treatment and I will too.

Getting a solid night’s sleep is another little thing, which I, unfortunately, took for granted pre-chemo. Since sleeplessness is one of the side effects of the decadron (cortisone) given to prevent inflammation, a little thing called a dose of NyQuil gifted me with a solid eleven hours of shut-eye last night.

Receiving a letter, card or mass card with a handwritten note that comes in the mail is one of those old-fashioned pre-tech ways of saying I love you that cannot be overlooked. (A stamp is a little thing which means a lot)

When I turn my phone on after a nap and see a flurry of texts and private messages pop in asking how I feel today is another little thing that reminds me I haven’t been forgotten.

A gift of essential oils to treat my post-chemo nausea was a big gift in a little bottle from Chasity.

Some homemade foods and gifts have also made their way to my door. These are the pinnacle expressions of love since clearly it took presence and time to create and deliver.

I could go on here and list more little things, but I think you probably get the picture that it is the gift of love shown in countless ways that is the game changer since it is love that heals us, strengthens us, reminds us of the truth of who we are and inspires us to stay grateful.


  1. I am so glad you are doing good. I pray for you alot. You are,such an inspiration to everyone. God has you in his hands,and I know you got this.


  2. 1/3 done now! Prayers for your continued strength and pleasant moments interspersed between the tough ones. Excitedly awaiting your full recovery! 🙂 Until then, rest easy, smile a lot, and remember the love that surrounds you. 🙂


  3. You are such an inspiration to everyone! Sweet Kate, you are getting thru this little blip in your life so incredibly well. Feeling the out pouring of love and kindness is the best medicine and our community is so very good at it, we can’t help but have our joy tanks refueled on every corner. I’ll continue to pray for strength for YOU, as that is what I prayed for everyday during my blip. Strength to get up and put on a happy face, strength for getting one day closer to hair growth, strength to want to eat that bacon cheeseburger, strength for a positive outlook even on the hardest days! Thank you for posting your journey thru BC, I’m certain it will help many others along the way.


  4. Continued prayers and laughs going your way sweet Kate. Glad to see you are back on track and that your hubby is taking such great care of you. You sure are loved!!! XXXOOO


  5. Savor the beauty and comfort of each room in your beautiful home as you feel the unsteadiness and unpredictability of chem effects. You can let it nurture you…the colors, textures, the light…just the right picture. Prayers for you as you keep on.


  6. Beautiful reminder, Susan. I spend long periods just gazing at a painting of pansies that has been hanging in my living room for years and am remembering the trip to Santa Barbara with my mom when I purchased it. I am also enjoying looking out the front door as I recline on the love seat. I never noticed the graceful curve of branches of the cedar tree before. Presence is taking on an even deeper meaning for me. ❤


  7. Hi Kate
    I am appreciating all the little things that you are doing right now. It seems that you are taking good care of yourself as well as you can. All those little things will add up in a few months when your treatments are done and your are feeling the new normal. Your husband is the best, he’s taking extra special care of you. My prayers and well wishes are everyday for you my friend.


    • Thanks, Toni Ann! Yes, Skeet is the best! I can’t imagine not having him! I appreciate your reminder that this is all temporary. In the meantime, it is everyone’s support that will help me to float along. I appreciate you! ❤


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