The Sun Always Shines

Not so long ago I was in a dark place.

My metaphorical sun that symbolizes brightness and joy did not appear to be shining.

Instead, it felt like a dark grey cloud blocked the warmth and the brightness that typically shines on me. Rather than feeling like my usual happy and joyful self, there were times I struggled to be optimistic that I would ever feel good again.

In other words, I was tempted to believe the sun will never shine again.

In this post-chemo period, I felt pretty miserable physically and needed to remind myself that even though it did not feel like a bright and happy sun was shining in my life, it actually was.

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I had to remind myself the sun never goes out. It is always shining as is my personal inner light of peace and joy.

Just like clouds can pass in front of the sun and block the light, the same thing can happen in our lives when we have some sort of challenge.

At those cloudy times it is easy to put most of our attention on the cloud, which represents our problem, rather than look beyond the cloud to remembering the sun always shines. It never goes out. Darkness is temporary.

Since most of us obviously prefer to be living in response to sunshine, rather than grey clouds, focusing on the truth of who we are, which like the sun, always shines, will be more comforting than believing the clouds or challenges are permanent.

To help myself through those metaphorical cloudy days, I would close my eyes and remember other times in my life where I felt overwhelmed by the power of darkness and despair and recalled how with time, a shift eventually happened.

I reminded myself to be patient and to simply and peacefully bide my time in the best way I could as I waited for the clouds to move on so I could feel the warmth of the sun again.

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Just like complaining about the weather on those cloudy days changes nothing, the same thing goes in the metaphorical sense.

We may not see it. We may not feel it, but the sun is always shining and so are we.


  1. Well said Kate! Thank you for the great reminder that the sun is always shining and it is always shining in us.
    Tomorrow at the “crack” of dawn, I hope the warmth and brightness of the sun fills your home, touches your face and fills your soul. Love to you!


  2. Hi there, Kate! I persisted enough finally to remember my password for wordpress – it has been some years since I used it. So happy & grateful you are sharing your journey here! I am now following it. I love the way you’ve chosen to phrase your looking at the darkness you felt / experienced so recently and how you found the way to see it as truly impermanent. Of course, that does not surprise me at all.

    I love being real, and how it is sometimes difficult to do when clouds seem to surround. The practice of looking beyond, looking deeper, to see what really is – the truth of my life at the moment — well, it’s not called practice for no reason, eh?!

    I intend to “look in” on you often. I’d love to talk to you anytime, as well. About any old (or new) thing that comes up. Till then or the next time I comment, I wish you peace, love, and joy! Terry


    • Ohhhh…thank you for sharing your reflections, Terry. Yes, I would love to connect with you sometime. I’d love to hear about some of the learning acquired on your path. Onward….so much more to learn! ❤


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