Good News~Bad News

Life is not always predictable which has certainly proven to be true for me in the past few months.

The good news is that after my Chemo treatment on Monday, I did not become dehydrated as I have in the past and subsequently had an easier time with side effects.

The bad news is I did such a great job with hydrating that my sodium level significantly decreased causing me to feel excessively weak.

The good news eating potato chips has been the subscribed temporary treatment.

The bad news is I also recently developed some shortness of breath which was believed to be due to my low hemoglobin.

The good news is my hemoglobin had actually increased when checked today and did not require my receiving a blood transfusion.

The bad news, however, was there was a concern I may have developed an embolus in my lung, which is one of the potential side effects that can occur with Chemo.

The good news is I was able to be evaluated by my oncologist today.

The bad news was I also detected some tenderness in my right calf, creating an additional concern of having a blood clot.

The good news is a CT scan showed no evidence of an embolus.

The bad news is the doppler ultrasound study revealed a small clot in my right leg.

The good news is this clot can be treated as an out-patient with Eliquis (I’m sure you have seen the T.V. commercials)

The bad news along with the aforementioned symptoms, I also noted a flutter in my chest which may indicate evidence of atrial fibrillation.

The good news is Eliquis is the treatment for this problem as well.

The bad news is my insurance will not fully cover the cost of this expensive drug.

The good news is the rather large breast mass that launched this whole adventure can no longer even be felt after three Chemo treatments.

The bad news is I will still need to continue treatment which will take a total of one year of my life.

The good news I expect to live a long time and expect to have plenty of time to make up for this inconvenient side trip.

The good news is I have tons of supportive, loving, caring people that are accompanying me on this journey.

The good news is I am strong, resilient and emotionally healthy and will meet any and all challenges that come my way.

The good news is I love an adventure and someday this story will make for a great keynote speech.

The good news is I am not in fear and fully trusting that all is well and I am in good hands.

The good news is there is more good news than bad news.

The good news is it aint over til it’s over.

~To be continued~


  1. More good news1: Your resilience is overpowering the cancer and side effects of your treatment.
    More good news2: You continue to inspire others.
    More good news3: We still benefit from your wisdom and joy!
    More good news4: You are widely loved.


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