Givers and Receivers

At any given time over the course of our physical life times, we are in a position to either be of service to our fellow humans (giver), or in need of help from our fellow humans (receiver).

When we are children we are total receivers, although we may provide love and joy to our caregivers, we are dependent on the loving kindness of those around us. If we are lucky, we are well taken care of and receive everything we need to grow up healthy and happy and eventually become a giver.

Life being what it is, which is a big adventure where we can suddenly go from being a giver to receiver without much notice, we must be attuned to the shift and graciously accept the change of our roles.

When you are a giver that means you are in a strong position. You likely have your health as well as skills, talents, gifts and other resources that allow you to step in and give of yourself to help others. The rewards are enormous in knowing you have been of service. Being a giver confirms you have a purpose in this life and that is a huge gift for you as well as those you serve.

Although I have played both roles, I have been very fortunate in my lifetime that I have spent more minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years as a giver. I consider myself blessed to have been able to give as much as I have.

Maybe that’s why as a cancer/chemo patient, I have had to dig deep within myself to adjust to the prolonged period of receiving that I have been requried to do.

What I have found to be most helpful in creating peace as I receive is gratitude. When I allow myself to fully feel the loving care being shown to me, whether by my husband, my friends or my medical team, it feels as if it is a sacred gift, as if we humans are all connected and we simply take turns giving and receiving, depending on who is in need at the time.

As I write this blog, I am being infused with the blood of some anonymous giver, #W0533 19 300279.

My hemoglobin has slowly been dropping since I began Chemo in January, leaving me more and more fatigued. Although this is one of the known possible Chemo side effects, the situation puts me at risk if not treated. I have no choice but to receive this prescious commodity of blood from a stranger.

So a few minutes ago when the lifeblood of another began to drip into my vein, I closed my eyes and opened my heart so I could fully appreciate this gift. It doesn’t matter what the age of the donor may be nor their gender, race, religon or color. They gave their blood without knowing how grateful this receiver would be to accept it.

If you are a blood donor, thank you for giving. If you are not, I suggest you look into where you can give. It can change someone’s life in more ways than you may have ever thought.

For me, I will continue to do my best to receive with gratitude until I am strong enough to be a giver once again.


    • That’s wonderful, Velma! I just got home and received a lovely gift that came in the mail from you! …..My little She Believed She Could box is adorable and is something that will make me smile every time I see it! Thank you so much! What a generous GIVER you are! ❤

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  1. Well, Kate, you’re proof that often in receiving (life sustaining &/or mental & emotional uplifting) we can be in the act of giving, as well. IMHO, all expressions of gratitude and humility give, to anyone perceiving their presence, proof of the interconnectedness among us all. That you share the circumstances of your receiving AND your gratitude for it certainly has had its effect on me. I love experiencing this happening at any moment – or groups of moments – in my day, or during any day. It just reinforces the goodness in life, ya know,! Cont’d ☮&❤, my friend. 😎


  2. Thanks, Terry! ❤ YES, we are all connected and this was just one more way to feel it and appreciate that unseen connection. I'm guessing my donor was a big hulking lumberjack since my appetite quadrupled from what it has been. 😉


    • Thanks! If I’m a rock star perhaps I should start living like one until it is time for Chemo #5! I feel good enough to live high for a while, so perhaps I shall! 🙂


  3. Just caught up on the recent blogs! You are such an inspiration! You look great! And what beautiful hands I see in the picture lol!


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