How I Spent My Vacation from the ICK of Chemo

Due to a special gift of an extra week in between Chemo treatments, on the heels of receiving two blood transfusions, I have felt the best I have since this adventure began in January. It has been such a treat that it feels as if I have had a vacation from Chemo, allowing me to enjoy the treats of life more than ever.

It just so happens that today as I type this post I am at the Chemo Spa for my fifth treatment (one more to go). While I celebrate my progress I am also giving thanks for what felt like a vacation from ICK.

Although the following list may seem pretty ordinary to you as you read along, please know that experiencing even little pleasures takes my JOY level and appreciation for LIFE way beyond what I ever felt Pre-Chemo.

Perhaps this post will inspire you to be more present with the many common pleasures you enjoy every day.

  1. I relished in several outings in the outside world (away from my rest-nest). I enjoyed special meals and other treats with family and friends.
  2. I ate fried chicken, something that was not at all appealing just a short time ago. . . It caused me to realize summer picnics are just around the corner.
  3. I had the energy to clean my house myself.
  4. I was able to extend my distance for walks in the neighborhood beyond going only to our neigbors driveway and back.
  5. I enjoyed an even longer distance trek with my friend Cath, walking our dogs and talking and laughing every step of the way.
  6. I had an Echo-Cardiogram done as a routine screening and enjoyed an unexpected sweet connection and inspirational conversation with Debbie, the technician that performed the study.
  7. I was ecstatic to enjoy a delicious lasagna dinner made with love and delivered by my friend Deb.
  8. I slept well for many nights….just like I always did pre-Chemo.
  9. I had several very stimulating, fun and equally effective coaching sessions with clients, where I felt my old creative and intuitive juices effortlessly flow.
  10. I enjoyed many Zoom calls with my biz partner, David, as we put finishing planning touches on a Spiritual Retreat we were preparing to present. My creativity and energy felt like my old normal, or maybe even better.
  11. I felt well enough to cook some great meals myself and then enjoyed them fully.
  12. I was in the mood to read and found myself more absorbed in the character’s story than I have been in my own.
  13. I had the energy and interest to do some Spring Shopping at The Fifth Season with the help of my friend and personal stylist, Susan.
  14. I had a glorious impromtu reuinion with several friends at The Fifth Season that I have not seen since this adventure began.
  15. I enjoyed many long baths simply for the pleasure of it rather than to treat my ICK.
  16. I had countless loving hugs with more people than I can count.
  17. I had countless belly laughs that made me feel ALIVE!
  18. I got to drive my new car (purchased just before Chemo began). I fully enjoyed getting reacquainted with her bells and whistles.
  19. My greatest joy was having the energy, presence, creativity and stamina to co-present an overnight, weekend retreat for six beautiful souls, reminding me even though I may be impaired and ill right now, I have not lost my purpose or my ability to love or to share joy.
  20. The bottom line is while on my Chemo vacation I was clearly shown my usual life of fun, engagement, enjoyment and aliveness will be returning on a regular basis some day soon. 😀


  1. Thanks so much, Pam. Knowing what I have to say about my story is enjoyed by others helps me to know that even though I am living smaller than usual most of the time, I am still reaching people. ❤


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