Kate’s Chemo Drama: Season 1 Episode 6

It seems as if my first season of the drama/advenure comedy called CHEMO has gone on longer than most Netflix seasons. I am now beginning Episode 6, which is to be my finale Chemo (at least the heavy side effect variety).

This season has been filled with a lot of surprises, twists, turns and unexpected outcomes. Although I have been known to come alive on stage, this show’s storyline and plot often caused me to dig deep to stay present and not lose my place in the story. In fact, I slept through a lot of my scenes.

The cast in Kate’s Chemo Drama, include major roles played by my husband, biz partner, friends and family. They have all been wonderful supporting actors, meaning they were a huge support to me. Although I was (and still am) the star of this show, it wouldn’t have been as touching, heartwarming or entertaining as it was without my supporting cast. They gave me cues when I forgot my lines and always reminded me to just keep on keeping on until the curtain call.

If this show is nominated for a medical Emmy, all those that sent cards, responded to my blogs/FB posts, and delivered lovely gifts intended to nurture and entertain me as I played my part in each Chemo Episode, would all be mentioned in my thank you speech.

Now that we are just beginning Episode 6, I can see the end of Chemo Season coming soon and I predict there will be no tears coming from me as the set of this show (my rest nest) is dismantled.

Every ending means there is room for a new beginning. Spoiler Alert: Next season’s beginning will be a repeat MRI to compare the tumor size to what was present pre-chemo. Episode 2 of the next season is anticipated to be surgery in the form of a lumpectomy and exploration, although the rather large tumor and two smaller ones are no longer detectable via exam. It makes me wonder if there will be anything to ECT. Although I don’t have the privilege of writing this script, I do have the freedom to perfrom my role in a way that will best serve me in every way.

Another spoiler alert for the next season will include radiation and additional chemo (without all the icky side effects), which won’t conclude until the one year point of this show’s beginning.

Although it has been an exhausting season due to the conditions required to make this show what it was, I am finding myself with more energy and enthusiasm than usual to complete these final scenes. Getting through the previous 5 episodes has taught me that being vulnerable and real is much easier than acting in the long run.

I learned that even though I had no dress rehearsals before the show began, I adapted to all the plot twists without unnecessary drama and with good humor whenever possible. I have to say I wasn’t thrilled with the wardrobe of sweat pants, hoodies and caps to keep my bald head warm, but understand it was all part of the realism of the story.

It is interesting as I launch into this final Episode of Season 1 of my adventure/drama/comedy, the light at the end of my metaphorical tunnel is brighter than it has been during previous episodes.

Perhaps it is because I have had the opportunity to taste being normal on two occasions I was able to be present for two major trainings with my partner, David Larson, for Triumph Leadership Group. I now know that chemo and it’s assorted complications did not kill my ability to be present to our clients or to trust myself to spontaenously speak to what is happening in any given moment and actually say something that has a positive impact. My confidence is also still intact. In fact it may be stronger since I learned it is not just a healthy body I need as much as a healthy inner spirit and attitude.

Now that I know that all I need is still within me, I expect this last episode to be easier to navigate regardless of what potential complications may arise. I will soon be ready to move on to Season 2 with a spirit of adventure of once again meeting the unknown. I expect it will call me forth in more ways than I can currently understand.


  1. Kate,you are a ytrue chmpion.May God carry you threw the rest. You have been such an inspiration for so many,especially me. Prayers still for you,a big hug,and lots of love.♥️♥️♥️

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    • Thank you, Jo ann and Velma….I am feeling strong because I have you both and so many on my team lifting me in prayer and with joy. I can’t lose with that combo!


    • Thank you, Jo ann and Velma….I am feeling strong because I have you both and so many on my team lifting me in prayer and with joy. I can’t lose with that combo!


  2. You still have that great smile! I admire you for you positivity and strength during this season of your life.
    All those prayers and good thoughts will continue as you continue on your journey, mine especially.

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  3. Ahhhh….thanks so much, Ellen! It has meant so much to me as I have navigated this adventure. I have learned so much, including who my dearest friends are! ❤ You are certainly one! ❤


  4. Kate…sooo love you and your joy even through life’s unexpected difficulties. Hugs my friend abd have a blessed day with unexpected smikes😁❤


  5. Kate you smile is infectious. You have a great attitude and outlook. I pray for you and my good friend who is going thru the same as you. I have told her about you and your blog and have read it to her. She like you are being positive about the treatments. Keep up your faith. Love ya.


    • Thank you, Jayne! I so appreciate your prayers and wish your friend many blessings for an easy course of treatment. You may want to share the earlier posts in my blog if she is just now adjusting to the whole shake up that happens with Chemo. Thanks for your loving support, Peggy! ❤


  6. Kate, you’re always so positive and inspirational. Thank you for sharing your story. So blessed to have met you!!
    I’m sending positive thoughts your way.💕


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