The Death Threat

Many years ago I received a death threat via email. The message informed me that a friend had paid a large sum of money to have me killed. The purpose of the note was to give me a chance to save my life by (you guessed it) paying $5000 in exchange for information regarding my upcoming murder.

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At first I was insulted that the value of my life was only $5000, but later decided that the person making the threat obviously didn’t know me. If he or she did, I’m sure the requested payoff would have been much higher.

This was my first death threat (not counting the ones my siblings made growing up) and provided a great deal of fun within a circle of my friends as predictions were made about the timing and details of my upcoming demise. There was also some interesting speculation as to which one of my friends was the one behind making the contract.

Clearly, the purpose of my death threat was to scare the bejeebers out of me, but my bejeebers remained intact, even though according to the letter I had only seven days to live.

Over the following week, I thought about what I would do if there was a real death threat on my screen of life. At the time I knew I would not change the way I was living, even if I knew someone or something (like an illness or accident) was going to soon end my living existence in this body.

I was certain that I would choose to not live in fear. Looking over my shoulder at every turn for the assassin, accident or illness that was threatening to take me out was not going to work for me.

I decided I would live my life the best way I knew. I would choose to cultivate joy in all that I do and would connect with love with all that I met.

I decided I would want to be fearless in my quest for life’s experiences and to squeeze every drop of joy out of the time I had.

I would laugh a lot, eat great food and enjoy my friends and family every moment I had left on the planet.

I’d be grateful for every gift in every day.

I would allow myself to feel and express emotions freely and would seek to create relationships that were authentic, fulflling and meaningful.

I would forgive all those that no longer cared about me or had hurt me in the past.

I would hug everyone that opened their arms to me.

I’d treat myself to massages, yoga, wonderful books, and lovely wines in pretty stemmed glasses.

I’d push my body to be stronger, even if I had a good excuse not to such as being old or sick.

I’d constantly work with my business partner to create new ideas for our business and then turn them into realities.

My mind and spirit would be curious and playful even when my body no longer worked.

The bottom line is, I would not want the threat of death to keep me from living my life.

Little did I know at the time of my email death threat that I would revisit my intenions years later when I received my breast cancer diagnosis.

It was good to be prepared. I already had practice living life the way I designed it and those choices still feel right for me now.

Perhaps if we all see death as a fact and not as a threat looming over our shoulder, we’d all be happier living each moment the best way we can in the time we have. I know I will.

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