Forever Changed

As I observe myself move through each day I cannot help but feel grateful for any good that I can see, feel, hear or even taste.

I have always been blessed by living a rather privleged life. I have a husband that is at my side to help me with whatever I may need, a family and many friends that love me, a comfortable home, great food to eat and a business that gives me opportunities to live out my life’s purpose while assisting others to do the same.

I have always been one to practice gratitude. It was the tool that made good things feel even better and gave me the optimism and strength I needed to get through challenging times.

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As I continue to step into a more normal lifestyle I am noticing that my gratitude muscle is probably the strongest muscle I possess. It had quite a workout at the Cancer Gym as I moved through my various forms of treatment and subsequent side effects. What I’m noticing is I now have even more joy than usual and that is a gift that is worth the price.

I recently returned from a business trip to Las Vegas and as I now review my many experiences during that visit, I realize that I am forever changed and even more grateful for the life that has brought me to this point of my journey.

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Although I am not a gambler, it is impossible to avoid being exposed to the prevalent gambling activities available in Las Vegas. There are machines and tables everywhere with countless “gamers” playing and hoping to win the jackpot.

My idea of play is different from that I observed. I did not see smiles, evidence of fun and certainly not joy. I did, however, witness desperation, intoxication, and the mindless repetitive activities that gambling demands. I saw blank stares and a sea of sad faces as people waited to win.

What I realized was even though I may not be as healthy or even as rich as some of the folks I observed, I already won the jackpot.

I refuse to wait until all conditions in my life equal society’s version of perfection.

I am grateful for what I can do now and I remember the contrast of when I could not.

Did I have to go through what I did to be forever changed and permanently imprinted with knowing the secret of joy? No, I did not, but that is how the cards were dealt and that is the game I am playing.


  1. Great thoughts, Kate. And I had the same experience in my three short days in LV. I couldn’t get out of that town fast enough. I bet you and David did some great healing work when you were there. You are an inspiration.

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    • Yes, we actually did focus on healing while we were there. Since one cannot avoid walking I put in quite a few miles just walking from one side of the hotel to the other, so I came home with some increased strength and stamina and I didn’t lose a dime. 😀


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