Mindless Regeneration

The human body is an amazing creation.

It is fascinating how it works so well and how it can stop working without our awareness or permission.

Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com

Our hearts beat without our minds willing them to beat. Our lungs take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide naturally and without our remembering to make them work. Digestion occurs mindlessly. Our eyes can see simply by looking. Our ears can hear whatever sounds are present nearby.

Since most of our body’s functions take place without work and without our interference or special intentions, when something goes wrong (and that risk is always there) we may suddenly become much more aware.

Having spent most of my life in pretty good health with only brief interruptions to my organs working as they were designed to do, it was easy to take all the fascinating processes for granted before cancer showed up.

Typically when I remember to be grateful for my body’s functions, I immediately feel better since that is what gratitude always does.

Today, however, my mind has gone to the space of pondering the power of regeneration of the human body.

I am remembering the body itself is an organ and new cells are constantly being created. Old ones die off or are removed while new cells are being born.

Even when a large number of cells are destroyed, surrounding ones are replicating to fill in the slack.

This process is natural even when it is the medical treatment we receive that is part of what breaks our bodies down.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Although our bodies cannot always return to their original state of near perfection, I am in awe of the miracles taking place in every moment which feels better than cursing that which is still not quite up to par.

As I continue to recover from Chemo treatments, I have chosen to be patient, trusting all is well behind the curtain (my skin).

I can’t see what’s happening, but I trust new cells are regenerating at this moment. My blood values are slowly returning to my old normal. Hair growth is slowly coming back. My muscles are responding to the gradual lowering of my CPK enzyme. My heart is recovering from any damage done.

Although I wish my cell regeneration was a bit faster, I know I can’t rush it. So, while I patiently wait I will attempt to assist my own peronal miracle of life by eating right, exercising and keeping stress levels low.

I will also say thank-you to my body regularly since it seems to know what it is doing without my interference.

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