How Cancer Cures Coronavirus Woes

Since I always look for the learning and growth in life’s most challenging situations, when the Coronavirus made itself known by spreading across the world I soon realized that many of the lessons I learned last year while undergoing Chemo treatments can help me deal with COVID-19.

As the virus spread and concern grew in the U.S., one by one, my schedule of events for speaking and co-leading leadership workshops were put on hold. At first, I adapted by utilizing this unexpected free time by catching up on tasks that I had been putting off, such as organizing spices and cleaning the top of the refrigerator. It did not take long, however, before I felt the disappointing loss of control of my life’s activities, not to mention concerns for the health of my friends and family.

As the death rate sadly grew higher and restrictions naturally became more and more strict, I noticed in response to my frustration and sadness my how-to-deal-with-cancer lessons popped into my mind, ready to come to my emotional rescue. They came after a particularly challenging day of bad news when I felt myself losing control of my travel schedule, my work, and day-to-day social activities.

Lesson #1: I Will Not Give My JOY Away

Just as I refused to give my joy away to cancer, chemo, radiation, side-effects and any other negative entity that had to do with my life being on hold for 6 months of treatment, I refuse to give it up to a virus. I learned a permanent lesson that my joy is not dependent on external circumstances. It is safely protected within.

Lesson #2: Accept What I Cannot Change

Since I have never been one to suffer, acceptance of that which is out of my control has always been a go-to lifeline for me. Once again it is saving me from the suffering of worry and fear as this Pandemic runs it’s course.

Lesson #3: Don’t Complain: Focus on What IS Possible

It just makes sense that focusing on the positive will always feel better and be more empowering than lamenting all the negative things. When I put my full attention to using my creativity in finding alternative ways to be engaged, have fun and be in service, I feel good.

Lesson #4: Be Grateful

Gratitude is a lifesaver. It cures every woe that shows up in any negative thought, emotion or situation. When I catch myself leaning into a complaint of some sort, I see a red flag on the field of my mind. I am reminded I am at choice. When I choose to be grateful, and there are countless things for which I can be grateful, I feel good.

Lesson #5: Be the Observer

Just as I regularly observed myself experiencing the nuances of each day during my cancer treatment, without judgment and without being attached to any specific outcome, I am observing it all now too. When I am an observer I can see how my ego can get temporarily hooked by fear as well as how my spirit can rise above it all, staying calm and at peace. I am reminded once again that each moment is temporary.

At this point, I cannot predict what tomorrow will bring. Fearing the worst will not keep it from happening. Blaming someone else will not stop bad things from escalating. Complaining changes nothing and just as it was true in dealing with cancer, no matter what, I am in charge of my response to it all.


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