A Cue From Mother Nature

The world is paying close attention to what will become of us now that Coronavirus has made such a grand and sweeping presence in all of our lives.

Nearly a million people in the U.S. alone have been diagnosed and the threat is still present that there will be many more.

It is a disease that does not discriminate. People from all nations and all backgrounds have been affected and infected. People of all ages have been separated from their loved ones as they fought to stay alive.

Even those that managed to remain healthy have lost freedoms to come and go as they please.

More people found themselves suddenly unemployed with 26.5 million jobs lost in the U.S. alone.

Small and large businesses are suffering and struggling to stay afloat as consumers shelter in place desiring to stay well and limit the spread of the virus.

Major life events like weddings, funerals, and graduations are on hold or canceled.

Parents are now teachers and teachers are full-time parents and teachers.

If feels as though the earth suddenly began spinning in the opposite direction as it’s inhabitants hang on for dear life while wondering what is coming next.

As with so many things in our world, there is at least a temporary, positive flip side to the destruction that Coronavius has caused and that is Mother Nature is healing.

With the dramatic lessening of the use of fossil fuels, our air is being temporarily healed. Water is cleaner. As humans slowed down and cut back on activities per usual, the earth seems to be saying thank you.

Even though humanity is currently staying indoors most of the time, Spring is still emerging. Leaves are budding. Baby birds are hatching and gardens are ready to be planted. Waterfalls are still falling and streams are still flowing. Life in a very quiet and pure form continues to support us.

Photo by Sharad Bhat on Pexels.com

As I take all of the above into my mind I recognize that just like Mother Nature, I am taking this time as a cue to slow down and be quiet and maybe even heal parts of myself I was unaware were sick.

I feel a sense of spaciousness as if time slowed down so my thoughts could catch up. I am more present and more appreciative of little things and of the people that I love. I am more creative in my work and more resourceful in keeping relationships alive and well. I am eating less and exercising more. I am reading more and looking at my computer screen less. I have more time for yoga, meditating, and walking my dog. I am inspired daily by people stepping up to help others through this crisis.

Although I grieve for all those that have lost loved ones, lost jobs, money, and their sense of well-being, my prayer is that as we all gradually return to life, as usual, we will be kinder to the environment and to one another. I think that’s just what Mother Nature would expect from us.

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