A Metaphorical Lesson

I love a good metaphor. I see them everywhere and can honestly say that they are one of the greatest resources for my spiritual growth. 

This morning I set out for a trek. It happens to be a hot, humid, sweat-producing kind of day, so I was not confident it would be a positive experience. I made a note to myself that I was setting myself up for failure with my negative anticipation.

The first mile was a struggle. My legs felt like hollow logs filled with wet sand. (How vivid is that for a description?) I almost turned back but remembered that sometimes, discomforts will disappear when you are not focused on them, so I turned my focus to what was beautiful. 

I admired the flowers hanging from porches and the wildflowers on the side of the road. I focused on being grateful that I can still move freely and am free to go where I please. 

I noticed Thor’s delight in being outdoors and imagined what he was thinking as he sniffed the air and left pee-mails for other dogs. 

I encountered a friendly construction worker unloading his truck for a building job and had a fun conversation with him.

The last leg of my trek required a bit of a hill climb, which on a breezy cool day is a piece of cake. Today it felt like a mountain of doom that stood between me and the finish line. 

As I focused on taking one step at a time, I remembered a trick my husband taught me years ago when I was running in races. He told me to keep my head down focusing on the road beneath my feet and to imagine each step is flattening the ground. So rather than looking ahead at the hill (the metaphorical future), my presence in the present moment of each step carried me to the top with ease. 

When I reached my home and reflected on my metaphorical walk, I realized that even though the heat and humidity did not change, my perspective and focus was transformed.

Thanks to being alert to the metaphors available to me, I am currently feeling strong, happy and empowered and am reminded I have no reason to complain about anything. 


  1. Hi Kate! I just read your story about your walk. We must be “kindred spirits”
    of a sort. I too, see much of life through metaphors. Much of my problem identifying and
    problem solving is born out of metaphorical thinking. I am always relating my life’s emotions
    and happenings to metaphors. I didn’t know this about you. Kind of fun to know.
    We’ll be talking soon! Diane


    • I am not surprised by your observation of a kindred spirit connection. I already felt that.
      Yes, our metaphors can be great guidance to live a way that will be entertaining and educational! 🙂


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