Thank You, 2020

Typically on the last day of the year I look back on the days I lived with gratitude. Some of the days may not have been my best, due to our pandemic but I still gained something in spite of my disappointments, challenges, pains and sorrows. I learned a lot, including how comfortable and at peace I can be living in isolation, even though I am a full-blooded extrovert. This year, very much like my cancer journey, I learned I am resilient. In fact I am unstoppable.

Below you will find some of the lessons I learned and/or re-learned about myself:

I have grown rather than fallen apart.

I am stronger, not weaker.

I am wiser, not foolish.

I am filled with gratitude, not empty and complaining.

I am resilient and moving ahead, not stuck.

I am bright with inspiration, not dulled by sameness.

I am love not fear.

I am budding, growing, reaching, expanding, not dormant and waiting.

I am excitedly optimistic, not grim and fatalistic.

I am open to unconditional peace and joy, not dependent and unworthy of blessings.

I am hopeful, not closed and withdrawn.

I am leaning in, not holding back.

I am in the game of life, not on the sidelines.

I am ready for more. So bring it on 2021! I’m ready for you.

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