Meet Kate

I have always been one of those people that chose to be happy, no matter what. I am not one to suffer, especially when I have any control over it. 

After a 28-year nursing career, I transitioned to being a life coach in 2001 and gradually expanded to inspirational speaking and leadership training. 

I co-own a business with my biz partner, David Larson. called Triumph Leadership Group Our experience of working together began 16 years ago in presenting workshops on joy and life fulfillment. 

Eventually, the market for bringing JOY to the workplace became apparent and we now enjoy presenting our model of Heartfelt Leadership, named after our book, Heartfelt Leadership: Creating a Culture of Connection. 

A diagnosis of breast cancer came onto my screen of life in December 2018, so I am choosing to meet this challenge with joy and with love. I realize this is not an easy path, yet I desire to use the power of my mind and attitude to get through this with as little trauma as possible. I would like to come out the other side of this adventure not only healthier and cancer-free, but wiser.