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Tag: appreciation

A Cue From Mother Nature

The world is paying close attention to what will become of us now that Coronavirus has made such a grand and sweeping presence in all of our lives. Nearly a million people in the U.S. alone have been diagnosed and the threat is still present that there will be many more. It is a disease that does not discriminate. People from all nations and all backgrounds have been affected and infected. People of all ages have been separated from their loved ones as they fought to stay alive. Even those… Read more A Cue From Mother Nature

The Story of 3 Marys and 1 Nancy

I felt especially good yesterday. I felt like my old normal. As I took off for a walk with my dog Thor my energy was high and my legs felt as if they actually belonged to me for a change rather than feeling as if I had a transplant from a weak specimen of a human that had no coordination. As I strode up Main Street I was feeling complete gratitude for being able to do so with my old power and swiftness carrying me along. It was exciting to… Read more The Story of 3 Marys and 1 Nancy

Happy Birthday to ME

It was a cold, wet day, pounded by a constant downpour of rain. The sun did not show itself for a single second, but I knew it was still shining on me. I felt warm, joy-filled, loved and absolutely connected with my purpose all day long. The reason for my joy was because I was happy to be alive and celebrating that I lived to see another birthday! I not only had the energy to be actively engaged with a variety of fun activities all day, but I was totally… Read more Happy Birthday to ME

How I Spent My Vacation from the ICK of Chemo

Due to a special gift of an extra week in between Chemo treatments, on the heels of receiving two blood transfusions, I have felt the best I have since this adventure began in January. It has been such a treat that it feels as if I have had a vacation from Chemo, allowing me to enjoy the treats of life more than ever. It just so happens that today as I type this post I am at the Chemo Spa for my fifth treatment (one more to go). While I… Read more How I Spent My Vacation from the ICK of Chemo

Being Like a Lizard

It is day #4 post Chemo treatment #4. I am surprised and very happy to report that although I don’t have even half of my usual energy, the ick I typcially expereience at this point and for several days beyond, is much less. I fully expected and was prepared to be residing in my usual dark hole for another 5 days or so. It may seem odd to be celebrating simply not being as sick as usual, but for me, it is astounding since every “feel good day” (or even… Read more Being Like a Lizard