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Good News ~ Bad News

I am noticing that both life in general and cancer have a lot in common. There are elements of both that create fear or can cause one to rejoice. It has become my focus to take what I am learning from my response to cancer so I can apply it to everyday life and grow a stronger muscle of self-awareness. There’s always good news as well as the potential for what we refer to as bad news. You get both. You cannot manipulate or control things so that you only… Read more Good News ~ Bad News

Good News~Bad News

Life is not always predictable which has certainly proven to be true for me in the past few months. The good news is that after my Chemo treatment on Monday, I did not become dehydrated as I have in the past and subsequently had an easier time with side effects. The bad news is I did such a great job with hydrating that my sodium level significantly decreased causing me to feel excessively weak. The good news eating potato chips has been the subscribed temporary treatment. The bad news is… Read more Good News~Bad News