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Tag: choice

The Power of Perspective

Why is it that countless people can face essentially the same experiences in life and have different emotional responses to it? My theory is that it is simply because their mindset is holding a different perspective. Using the POWER of PERSPECTIVE is my favorite go-to tool whenever I am in a situation that is potentially frightening or intimidating or causing me to feel stuck. For instance, when being diagnosed with breast cancer, rather than focusing on the possibility of suffering or even dying, my mind automatically went to gratitude that… Read more The Power of Perspective

The Death Threat

Many years ago I received a death threat via email. The message informed me that a friend had paid a large sum of money to have me killed. The purpose of the note was to give me a chance to save my life by (you guessed it) paying $5000 in exchange for information regarding my upcoming murder. At first I was insulted that the value of my life was only $5000, but later decided that the person making the threat obviously didn’t know me. If he or she did, I’m… Read more The Death Threat