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Tag: Optimism

Thank You, 2020

Typically on the last day of the year I look back on the days I lived with gratitude. Some of the days may not have been my best, due to our pandemic but I still gained something in spite of my disappointments, challenges, pains and sorrows. I learned a lot, including how comfortable and at peace I can be living in isolation, even though I am a full-blooded extrovert. This year, very much like my cancer journey, I learned I am resilient. In fact I am unstoppable. Below you will… Read more Thank You, 2020

Good News ~ Bad News

I am noticing that both life in general and cancer have a lot in common. There are elements of both that create fear or can cause one to rejoice. It has become my focus to take what I am learning from my response to cancer so I can apply it to everyday life and grow a stronger muscle of self-awareness. There’s always good news as well as the potential for what we refer to as bad news. You get both. You cannot manipulate or control things so that you only… Read more Good News ~ Bad News

The Sun Always Shines

Not so long ago I was in a dark place. My metaphorical sun that symbolizes brightness and joy did not appear to be shining. Instead, it felt like a dark grey cloud blocked the warmth and the brightness that typically shines on me. Rather than feeling like my usual happy and joyful self, there were times I struggled to be optimistic that I would ever feel good again. In other words, I was tempted to believe the sun will never shine again. In this post-chemo period, I felt pretty miserable… Read more The Sun Always Shines

Positively Optimistic

I have always possessed the natural gift of optimism. I like the feeling of lightness and happiness that goes with it, so it was a good match for me. I suppose I discovered the secret of optimism as a child since there were always things I was dreaming about. I delighted in my little girl dreams and visions. There were many things I wanted to learn or do, places I wanted to visit and relationships I wanted to have. It felt great to anticipate having a wonderful life, so I… Read more Positively Optimistic