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Tag: truth

The Sun Always Shines

Not so long ago I was in a dark place. My metaphorical sun that symbolizes brightness and joy did not appear to be shining. Instead, it felt like a dark grey cloud blocked the warmth and the brightness that typically shines on me. Rather than feeling like my usual happy and joyful self, there were times I struggled to be optimistic that I would ever feel good again. In other words, I was tempted to believe the sun will never shine again. In this post-chemo period, I felt pretty miserable… Read more The Sun Always Shines

The Why Behind My Way

In my sixty-six years of life which included many challenges disguised as adventures, I have realized that in many ways I am different, maybe even odd in comparison to many of my fellow humans. I have always gotten pushback from others that I must be avoiding “being with” problems, or that I bury my emotions and keep my head buried in the sand or that I’m a Pollyanna that always sees the bright side of things so I can avoid reality. I realize that these judgments say more about the… Read more The Why Behind My Way