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Month: June 2019

Good News ~ Bad News

I am noticing that both life in general and cancer have a lot in common. There are elements of both that create fear or can cause one to rejoice. It has become my focus to take what I am learning from my response to cancer so I can apply it to everyday life and grow a stronger muscle of self-awareness. There’s always good news as well as the potential for what we refer to as bad news. You get both. You cannot manipulate or control things so that you only… Read more Good News ~ Bad News

Season 2, Episode 1: Surgery

On the drive to the hospital last week, I closed my eyes (fear not, I was not the driver) and imagined all of my friends that signed up to be spiritually present and supportive for my surgery, lining up outside the O.R, preparing to surround me a few hours later. This image felt good. I was peaceful and ready for this next step in my treatment. It was a great opening for Season 2 of my Cancer Journey. Only a few days earlier, however, I was not feeling fearless or… Read more Season 2, Episode 1: Surgery


When I began my Chemo journey, it felt as if a PAUSE button for my life had been pushed. All of my usual activities came to a halt. I was no longer actively engaged with life. I was PAUSED. I was no longer shopping, reading, enjoying big belly laughs, doing morning yoga, cooking, or making To-Do lists. I was no longer making cold calls to potential future clients, co-creating workshop activities with my business partner, presenting, writing, cooking or traveling. I was no longer adding appointments to my calendar or… Read more From PAUSE to PLAY