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Month: July 2019

A New Twist

One thing I have learned on this cancer adventure is that I cannot predict what is coming next. I have been repeatedly surprised in good ways, such as when I would experience a dramatic shift from ick to feeling hungry on the same day or when my white blood cell count would return to normal almost overnight or when I went from feeling half-dead to believing I received the blood of a strong and vital lumberjack midway through a transfusion. I have also had what one would call not-so-good surprises.… Read more A New Twist

Speed Bumps

Since I began this cancer and treatment journey I have periodically felt as if my progress was buzzing along in a positive direction. I was optimistic about my improvement. Things were in flow. I felt confident that I was winning the contest against cancer and it’s evil sister, treatment. Unfortunately, those times have typically been short-lived, which created a sensation similar to driving over a speed bump. All of a sudden smooth and predictable turns into a rough and rude awakening that I must slow down. I don’t know about… Read more Speed Bumps