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Month: August 2019

Staying Awake

Now that the PLAY button for my life has been hit I have resumed living with enthusiasm and joyful action, which means I must not fall asleep and lose sight of why I am even here. Although I am not completely back to my normal self physically, since I am still dealing with the side effect of weakness in my legs, I am without a doubt, back in the game of life. What I’m noticing is present now on a regular basis, after being absent for many months is DESIRE.… Read more Staying Awake

Finish Lines and Prizes

Since beginning this cancer adventure I often felt as if I was a participant in some sort of weird physical and emotional contest. It involved me trying to keep my strength, sanity, and sense of humor in the face of unrelenting side effects of cancer treatment. It hasn’t felt like a battle against cancer, but more like an endurance challenge filled with countless opportunities to keep on going when my strength was absent and my reserves were almost gone. I don’t see myself as a fighter. I’m more the pacifist… Read more Finish Lines and Prizes