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Instinct: The Natural Guidance System

One day while out for a walk with my dog, Thor, I noticed that his actions appeared to be completely instinctual. He didn’t stop to think about what he should sniff and what he should avoid. His movements were natural as if he seemed to know what was right for him at any given moment. He delighted in every moment. He was so sure of himself, it made me wonder what it would be like if humans followed their noses the way animals do. As we moved along the path,… Read more Instinct: The Natural Guidance System

Suffering is Optional

When I first read the Buddhist saying, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”, it felt like I found the key to happiness in print. It made perfect sense to me. Perhaps it resonated so clearly because I always tended to naturally live my life that way. I am one that recovers from pain quickly. It doesn’t matter if my pain is emotional, spiritual or physical, my focus has always been to lean into feeling better rather than prolonging suffering. It simply made more sense to me. Sometimes I wonder why… Read more Suffering is Optional

Make it Count

The challenges of life whether they be health issues, financial problems, petty inconveniences or even death happen for all of us. If you are on the planet more than a few years, there is zero chance of escaping difficulties that can break you down, tear you apart, or both. My philosophy of life has become one that supports the concept that if I must go through ___________in my life, then I want to make it COUNT. I want to be able to learn something that will make the rest of… Read more Make it Count

Good News ~ Bad News

I am noticing that both life in general and cancer have a lot in common. There are elements of both that create fear or can cause one to rejoice. It has become my focus to take what I am learning from my response to cancer so I can apply it to everyday life and grow a stronger muscle of self-awareness. There’s always good news as well as the potential for what we refer to as bad news. You get both. You cannot manipulate or control things so that you only… Read more Good News ~ Bad News

Season 2, Episode 1: Surgery

On the drive to the hospital last week, I closed my eyes (fear not, I was not the driver) and imagined all of my friends that signed up to be spiritually present and supportive for my surgery, lining up outside the O.R, preparing to surround me a few hours later. This image felt good. I was peaceful and ready for this next step in my treatment. It was a great opening for Season 2 of my Cancer Journey. Only a few days earlier, however, I was not feeling fearless or… Read more Season 2, Episode 1: Surgery

A Piece of My Mind

I have always known that the human mind has an innate ability to create a story or paint a picture of the past, present or future simply by thinking the same thoughts over and over. The tricky thing about this gift of the mind is the thoughts we each think do not have to be based on the truth. We humans can tend to tell ourselves scary stories that cause us to forget what we are truly made of and to even ignore facts so we can be fooled by… Read more A Piece of My Mind

Cancer and Politics: How to Navigate Both Without Losing Your Joy

Since I am simultaneously navigating my own journey through cancer and treatment as well as experiencing a highly volatile political time in our country, I am noting some similarities in how to maintain emotional balance that will support my wellbeing, rather than destroy it. Shortly before my diagnosis I announced to my Facebook friends that I was going to take a break from being a regular poster other than managing our business page and a private group I monitor. I had noticed that my time spent on social media had… Read more Cancer and Politics: How to Navigate Both Without Losing Your Joy