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Month: October 2019

V is for Virtues and Victory (Part 1)

As a typical human being that is trying to do my best while navigating this adventure called life, I am learning what many folks may refer to as being old-fashioned rules, VIRTUES can come in very handy when you want to be VICTORIOUS in meeting a challenge. Although I did not set out to be virtuous when I embarked on the most challenging experience of my life, I am noticing many virtues have stepped up as my guides along the way. Now that I am through the worst of it,… Read more V is for Virtues and Victory (Part 1)

The Story of 3 Marys and 1 Nancy

I felt especially good yesterday. I felt like my old normal. As I took off for a walk with my dog Thor my energy was high and my legs felt as if they actually belonged to me for a change rather than feeling as if I had a transplant from a weak specimen of a human that had no coordination. As I strode up Main Street I was feeling complete gratitude for being able to do so with my old power and swiftness carrying me along. It was exciting to… Read more The Story of 3 Marys and 1 Nancy

Happy Birthday to ME

It was a cold, wet day, pounded by a constant downpour of rain. The sun did not show itself for a single second, but I knew it was still shining on me. I felt warm, joy-filled, loved and absolutely connected with my purpose all day long. The reason for my joy was because I was happy to be alive and celebrating that I lived to see another birthday! I not only had the energy to be actively engaged with a variety of fun activities all day, but I was totally… Read more Happy Birthday to ME