The Story of 3 Marys and 1 Nancy

I felt especially good yesterday. I felt like my old normal.

As I took off for a walk with my dog Thor my energy was high and my legs felt as if they actually belonged to me for a change rather than feeling as if I had a transplant from a weak specimen of a human that had no coordination.

As I strode up Main Street I was feeling complete gratitude for being able to do so with my old power and swiftness carrying me along. It was exciting to feel that feeling again. I felt assured that I was moving in a positive direction and that perhaps in time I could trust my body to do what I wanted it to do once again.

This feeling of normal reminded me to recall previous months when I did not have the energy to get off the couch.

I felt my speed pick up.

Experiencing that contrast is always great for increasing my appreciation for the simplest things. When I feel this level of gratitude it overflows my joy tank.

When I reached the candy store, I stuck my head inside to greet my friend, Mary, the owner. She immediately came out and gave me a big hug, exclaiming, “YOU LOOK GREAT!”

A moment later, another friend named Mary who was inside the store noticed me and also came out to greet me with a big hug and her first words happened to be “YOU LOOK GREAT!”

After a brief visit with these two Marys Thor and I continued on our way.

On the next corner, I ran into my third Mary whom I have not seen for some time. In fact, she was unaware of my cancer adventure this year. Her first words when we met were also, YOU LOOK GREAT!

Before long I ran into my neighbor, Nancy. It was our first connection since she returned home after an extended time at her cottage in New Hamshire. Guess what her first words to me were. Yep, you guessed it, “YOU LOOK GREAT!”

What struck me as I continued on my trek, heading home was that my friends must have each seen my JOY shining from the inside out since there was nothing special about the way I was dressed, the jewelry I was wearing or the styling of my wig.

I know my joy spiked with each meeting. I felt it go higher with each hug. I know I was overwhelmed with appreciation and that I did nothing special to experience any of it. I was simply tuned in to each delicious moment.

What I was reminded of is when we allow ourselves to be exceedingly grateful in any given moment, we cannot help but have that JOY bubble out creating a glow of GREATNESS which everyone will see.


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