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Month: December 2018

The JOY Tank

The main focus of my cancer story began long before December 7th, 2018, which was the day I got the news my breast biopsy was positive for Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.  Over the past eighteen years of being a life coach, speaker and leadership trainer, it became clear to me that my greatest gift to others, as well as for my own benefit, was my natural gift of joy. Joy has always come easy for me. I didn’t have to try to feel good or to have a positive attitude. It… Read more The JOY Tank

The Journey Begins

Welcome and thank you for joining me! This blog is a documentation of evidence supporting unconditional peace and joy even in the face of life’s challenges such as my diagnosis of breast cancer. You can expect to get a peek into my mind, my heart and the spirit that guides me as I navigate this life adventure. I choose not to give my joy away to cancer and to not put my life on hold as I go through treatment. Posting my musings, thoughts, and experiences here will be my… Read more The Journey Begins