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Month: February 2020

Instinct: The Natural Guidance System

One day while out for a walk with my dog, Thor, I noticed that his actions appeared to be completely instinctual. He didn’t stop to think about what he should sniff and what he should avoid. His movements were natural as if he seemed to know what was right for him at any given moment. He delighted in every moment. He was so sure of himself, it made me wonder what it would be like if humans followed their noses the way animals do. As we moved along the path,… Read more Instinct: The Natural Guidance System


Today I look over my shoulder and take in memories of over thirteen months of cancer treatments. Today is the last time an IV will be hooked up to my meta port as I receive my final course of immunotherapy (the not so toxic chemo drugs) intended as extra insurance that breast cancer will not return. Today I will bless the chemicals for the last time as they drip into my chest. Today I will give thanks once again for all the loving care I received over the past thirteen… Read more Today