Today I look over my shoulder and take in memories of over thirteen months of cancer treatments.

Today is the last time an IV will be hooked up to my meta port as I receive my final course of immunotherapy (the not so toxic chemo drugs) intended as extra insurance that breast cancer will not return.

Today I will bless the chemicals for the last time as they drip into my chest.

Today I will give thanks once again for all the loving care I received over the past thirteen months from family, friends, medical staff and even strangers.

Today I will cross the threshold from a person in treatment to a person that is on their way back to her old normal.

Today I will be present, alert, awake and aware of what is needed to restore health to my body where the treatments have caused damage.

Today is the day I will complete the shift of my mindset from cancer patient to a regular healthy person.

Today is the day I will reflect on how resilient my body, mind, and spirit are as I recall the journey that brought me here.

Today I will share hugs with anyone that opens their arms in celebration of my journey and my life that has yet to come.

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on

Today I will celebrate the hair that is very slowly growing back on my head since it is a visible indication of my old normal.

Today I will be focused on blessing two close friends that are currently on their cancer journeys just as they did for me.

Today I will release myself from a label that caused some to share their pity, others their fears and others still, their unconditional love.

Today I will give thanks for the power of my faith, my ability to trust God and my band of celestial supporters as well as my human ones.

Today I thank cancer for what it taught me which is that although it wreaked havoc with my body and temporarily, my life, it did not steal my joy.


  1. Hugs to you Kate! Such a joyous occasion to celebrate! Your strength and positive words have been and will continue to be such an inspiration for all of us! Keep on rockin’ it girl 🥰


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