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Tag: Joy

Malaise of Life

Over the past year or so during my cancer treatment, I often experienced symptoms of malaise. I just felt off. I had no energy or interest in doing anything. My appetite was poor and I sometimes experienced vague feelings of discomfort. My energy was low and my usual desire to be active and engaged in life was absent. Malaise is a word the describes the nondescript. Without knowing exactly what is awry, it doesn’t feel right and it doesn’t feel healthy. As I observed myself in this periodic state of… Read more Malaise of Life

Instinct: The Natural Guidance System

One day while out for a walk with my dog, Thor, I noticed that his actions appeared to be completely instinctual. He didn’t stop to think about what he should sniff and what he should avoid. His movements were natural as if he seemed to know what was right for him at any given moment. He delighted in every moment. He was so sure of himself, it made me wonder what it would be like if humans followed their noses the way animals do. As we moved along the path,… Read more Instinct: The Natural Guidance System


Today I look over my shoulder and take in memories of over thirteen months of cancer treatments. Today is the last time an IV will be hooked up to my meta port as I receive my final course of immunotherapy (the not so toxic chemo drugs) intended as extra insurance that breast cancer will not return. Today I will bless the chemicals for the last time as they drip into my chest. Today I will give thanks once again for all the loving care I received over the past thirteen… Read more Today

The Story of 3 Marys and 1 Nancy

I felt especially good yesterday. I felt like my old normal. As I took off for a walk with my dog Thor my energy was high and my legs felt as if they actually belonged to me for a change rather than feeling as if I had a transplant from a weak specimen of a human that had no coordination. As I strode up Main Street I was feeling complete gratitude for being able to do so with my old power and swiftness carrying me along. It was exciting to… Read more The Story of 3 Marys and 1 Nancy

Happy Birthday to ME

It was a cold, wet day, pounded by a constant downpour of rain. The sun did not show itself for a single second, but I knew it was still shining on me. I felt warm, joy-filled, loved and absolutely connected with my purpose all day long. The reason for my joy was because I was happy to be alive and celebrating that I lived to see another birthday! I not only had the energy to be actively engaged with a variety of fun activities all day, but I was totally… Read more Happy Birthday to ME

Forever Changed

As I observe myself move through each day I cannot help but feel grateful for any good that I can see, feel, hear or even taste. I have always been blessed by living a rather privleged life. I have a husband that is at my side to help me with whatever I may need, a family and many friends that love me, a comfortable home, great food to eat and a business that gives me opportunities to live out my life’s purpose while assisting others to do the same. I… Read more Forever Changed