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Month: January 2019

A Small World

We have all heard or used the expression, “It’s a small world” and typically we are making the point that if you get to know someone well enough, you will find something in common with them. Although I love this concept of a small world since I believe without question we humans are all connected, a new perspective has recently come to my mind. What I have realized since my breast cancer diagnosis is my world has changed significantly. Before cancer or B.C., my world was quite large. I traveled… Read more A Small World

Unexpected Side Trip

Part of having breast cancer is apparently being ready for the unexpected. Although I was pleased with how well my journey was going, about ten days ago, I took a significant side trip from which I am still recovering. The following is the story of how my breast cancer journey was interrupted as well as some of the learning I picked up along the way. Months ago (long before my diagnosis) I was invited to speak to our local BPW (Business and Professional Women) organization. I was looking forward to… Read more Unexpected Side Trip

Missing Hunger

My hunger has been missing for five days now. I miss it. In my world, hunger is a sign of excellent health and vitality. It’s a sign that my body is functioning well and it is desiring nutrition to keep it going strong. Another reason I miss hunger is that enjoyment always followed when I satisfied it by eating whatever it might have been that I desired. As with many things that occur when one is ill, we realize when it is missing how we took it for granted. Before… Read more Missing Hunger

Time to Pause

It is day 4 after my first chemo treatment. The journey has officially begun. The past several days have been my opportunity to pause and observe my body’s unique reactions to the chemo drugs and adapt to the changes that are occurring, not to mention the adjustment to the changes in my typically very active and engaged lifestyle. It has been interesting to watch myself. I say interesting since my physical body has been suffering from fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea and a few other changes that are new to… Read more Time to Pause

Neutrophil Bootcamp

It is day two after my first Chemo treatment. Last evening my first dose of Neulasta infused automatically through the injector patch attached to my left arm. This is a usual treatment protocol for cancer patients to rebuild the white blood cells killed in the attack during my Chemo treatment. My white blood cells were innocent bystanders. There was no way to spare their lives in the annihilation of cancer cells. The good news is a new army of neutrophils are building their forces in my bone marrow in this… Read more Neutrophil Bootcamp

The Why Behind My Way

In my sixty-six years of life which included many challenges disguised as adventures, I have realized that in many ways I am different, maybe even odd in comparison to many of my fellow humans. I have always gotten pushback from others that I must be avoiding “being with” problems, or that I bury my emotions and keep my head buried in the sand or that I’m a Pollyanna that always sees the bright side of things so I can avoid reality. I realize that these judgments say more about the… Read more The Why Behind My Way

Positively Optimistic

I have always possessed the natural gift of optimism. I like the feeling of lightness and happiness that goes with it, so it was a good match for me. I suppose I discovered the secret of optimism as a child since there were always things I was dreaming about. I delighted in my little girl dreams and visions. There were many things I wanted to learn or do, places I wanted to visit and relationships I wanted to have. It felt great to anticipate having a wonderful life, so I… Read more Positively Optimistic