Missing Hunger

My hunger has been missing for five days now. I miss it. In my world, hunger is a sign of excellent health and vitality. It’s a sign that my body is functioning well and it is desiring nutrition to keep it going strong. Another reason I miss hunger is that enjoyment always followed when I satisfied it by eating whatever it might have been that I desired.

As with many things that occur when one is ill, we realize when it is missing how we took it for granted. Before chemo, my hunger and enjoyment of the foods that satisfied me were clearly not fully appreciated. I had endless options of foods to eat and never had to go hungry for very long since I always had an abundance of good things to eat available to me. Even if I was away from my pantry and fridge, I always had an energy bar in my purse for emergencies. I was covered. Hunger was not something to fear as it is for so many that don’t get to enjoy three meals a day. For me, it was simply something that was a sign of health.

Now that I am on this cancer learning adventure (other than my day of infusion) I have only felt hunger on two occasions and both were very brief. When they occurred I thought I was finished with my ickiness and turned the corner back to my normal. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Hunger’s appearances did not stimulate the usual response of enjoyment. One bite, one swallow and hunger was gone.

Since I have chosen to go through this breast cancer and treatment experience I also choose to come out the other end of it with some new insights and learning that can make my life even more fulfilling and enjoyable.

First on my list is I will appreciate hunger when it returns. I will thank it for being present and I will be even more grateful that I have a varity of foods at my disposal to satisfy it.


  1. Thinking of you constantly. Holding you in the light of love and prayer, with lots of positive energy directed your way. Sending hugs, my friend.


  2. Good Morning Kate – Thank you so much for your messages. Today I am going to see how many thinks I can be consciously thankful for that I most generally don’t even notice – such as my able fingers flying over this keyboard. I hope that knowing others are learning with you through this journey is an encouragement to you in your more difficult moments. Blessing to your spirit, body and soul.


    • Thanks so much for reaching out, Gail! Yes, we do seem to be reminded to be grateful when we take the time to pause. Since I have more time to pause, I am noticing quite a bit. 🙂 If you and even one other person notice one thing that you are grateful for, I will be pleased.


  3. Sending giggles… Call if you need anything. I know my experience was different, but when I was struggling to eat for a few weeks, I kept a few favorite things very handy… Like a small bowl of strawberries on my nightstand, so that it would be tempting me. I often just didn’t have the energy to get to the fridge.

    I can pick you up for lunch sometime, too, if going out would help. Let me know. Love ya, Bev.


    • Thanks for touching base, Bev. Skeet is taking care of all of my needs. You’re welcome to visit anytime. I’d love to go out for lunch when my friend, HUNGER, returns. In the meantime, you’re welcome to join me for a delicious serving of butter pecan ensure in a stemmed wine glass.:-)


  4. Good Morning Kate! Thank you for posting to this blog! You’ve been on my mind so much lately, and I keep thinking of what made me feel a little better during those hard days. Sleep, hot baths, dry toast & tea, more sleep, soft clothes & warm cozy blankets, then more sleep. You have the whole community at your hands, we’d love to help in anyway we can. It’s hard to ask, but don’t hesitate. You are such an amazing person with the most positive, joyful outlook on this journey! I’ll continue to pray for your strength and health throughout! Love you girl!


    • Hi Tami…..thanks for checking in! Yes, I have been following your advice of all of the above. Although I understand sleeplessness can be one of the side effects, it hasn’t affected me. Now I am trying to get myself weaned back to regular life while my princess self just wants to take a nap. 🙂


  5. The “delicious serving of butter pecan ensure in a stemmed wine glass” brought some much needed laughter to my day! Thank you, “Amazing Kate”!!


    • Perspective is our greatest tool in life, isn’t it? Glad you had a chuckle. Here’s another twist I told myself while in the hospital. The oral potassium liquid has a pretty horrid taste. Mixing it with juice didn’t help much. Since the primary taste was salty, and the color is orangeish I pretended I was having a mango margarita with a salted rim. 🙂


  6. I love reading your posts. You are very inspiring and point me to good things to think about. I never thought of taking hunger for granted before, and as you point out, what a blessing it is (especially when we are in abundance), as it reflects that our mission on this earth is not finished, and there is still more for us to do and be. Looking forward to when your hunger returns, and when you fully return to us. 🙂 Got your back, girl!


  7. Thanks for joining me on this journey, David! So far I am receiving some great lessons for life after cancer and it looks like the learning will be steady and continuous. 🙂


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