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Mindless Regeneration

The human body is an amazing creation. It is fascinating how it works so well and how it can stop working without our awareness or permission. Our hearts beat without our minds willing them to beat. Our lungs take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide naturally and without our remembering to make them work. Digestion occurs mindlessly. Our eyes can see simply by looking. Our ears can hear whatever sounds are present nearby. Since most of our body’s functions take place without work and without our interference or special… Read more Mindless Regeneration

A New Twist

One thing I have learned on this cancer adventure is that I cannot predict what is coming next. I have been repeatedly surprised in good ways, such as when I would experience a dramatic shift from ick to feeling hungry on the same day or when my white blood cell count would return to normal almost overnight or when I went from feeling half-dead to believing I received the blood of a strong and vital lumberjack midway through a transfusion. I have also had what one would call not-so-good surprises.… Read more A New Twist


When I began my Chemo journey, it felt as if a PAUSE button for my life had been pushed. All of my usual activities came to a halt. I was no longer actively engaged with life. I was PAUSED. I was no longer shopping, reading, enjoying big belly laughs, doing morning yoga, cooking, or making To-Do lists. I was no longer making cold calls to potential future clients, co-creating workshop activities with my business partner, presenting, writing, cooking or traveling. I was no longer adding appointments to my calendar or… Read more From PAUSE to PLAY

Returning to the Banquet

When I look at life in a metaphorical way, I see it as a banquet. I picture a long table covered with countless dishes to be sampled. We humans that are engaged with living life are the diners. We get to peruse what is being offered and choose what we want from the banquet at any given moment. Typically, I would be sampling all sorts of delectable options from the LIFE BANQUET. Not only would I go back to fill my plate with some things I have had enjoyed in… Read more Returning to the Banquet

Musings of Missing

Having completed my sixth and final round of the big-time toxic Chemo, (the stuff that knocks the stuffin’ out of you) I now have the privilege of looking back to assess what I will miss from this experience, as well as what I won’t. Since I generally try to focus on the blessings in my life, even when it is hard to find any, there are many things that I have appreciated a great deal while navigating cancer and chemo, I will miss their absence as my life gradually returns… Read more Musings of Missing

Kate’s Chemo Drama: Season 1 Episode 6

It seems as if my first season of the drama/advenure comedy called CHEMO has gone on longer than most Netflix seasons. I am now beginning Episode 6, which is to be my finale Chemo (at least the heavy side effect variety). This season has been filled with a lot of surprises, twists, turns and unexpected outcomes. Although I have been known to come alive on stage, this show’s storyline and plot often caused me to dig deep to stay present and not lose my place in the story. In fact,… Read more Kate’s Chemo Drama: Season 1 Episode 6


I find it ironic that having cancer has not disturbed me as much as losing my ability to function normally due to the side-effects of my Chemo treatments. Apparently, my fear of losing control is greater than the fear of losing my life. As I step back and watch myself navigate this journey, I can honestly say that I am not afraid to die. In fact, there have even been times such as during my hospitalization for kidney failure and severe dehydration after my first Chemo treatment that I seriously… Read more Surrender

Walking the Line

I’m realizing there is a fine line that I must walk on my Chemo/Cancer adventure. It is the line between vulnerability and strength. I squared off with both yesterday and learned a few lessons. Vulnerability: This is where I have no control. I am at the mercy to how the Chemo drugs will react in my body as well as how my body will respond. It seems that each round has brought some variation of some very uncomfortable side-effects so I am always curious to see what will happen. I… Read more Walking the Line