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Tag: recovery

Kate’s Chemo Drama: Season 1 Episode 6

It seems as if my first season of the drama/advenure comedy called CHEMO has gone on longer than most Netflix seasons. I am now beginning Episode 6, which is to be my finale Chemo (at least the heavy side effect variety). This season has been filled with a lot of surprises, twists, turns and unexpected outcomes. Although I have been known to come alive on stage, this show’s storyline and plot often caused me to dig deep to stay present and not lose my place in the story. In fact,… Read more Kate’s Chemo Drama: Season 1 Episode 6

Time for Change

It is 10 days post Chemo #2. After a rougher than expected post-chemo experience, I am now seeing a pretty quick shift back to feeling normal. Thankfully, I had a scheduled check-up at the Cancer Center yesterday and my bloodwork confirmed my prolonged weakness and ickiness was due to dehydration. After having a bag of I.V. of fluids infused with some additional meds for inflammation and a dose of Potassium for good measure, I made a shift. I walked out of the Cancer Center at my full height, rather than… Read more Time for Change