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Tag: Chemo treatment

Speed Bumps

Since I began this cancer and treatment journey I have periodically felt as if my progress was buzzing along in a positive direction. I was optimistic about my improvement. Things were in flow. I felt confident that I was winning the contest against cancer and it’s evil sister, treatment. Unfortunately, those times have typically been short-lived, which created a sensation similar to driving over a speed bump. All of a sudden smooth and predictable turns into a rough and rude awakening that I must slow down. I don’t know about… Read more Speed Bumps

Givers and Receivers

At any given time over the course of our physical life times, we are in a position to either be of service to our fellow humans (giver), or in need of help from our fellow humans (receiver). When we are children we are total receivers, although we may provide love and joy to our caregivers, we are dependent on the loving kindness of those around us. If we are lucky, we are well taken care of and receive everything we need to grow up healthy and happy and eventually become… Read more Givers and Receivers

Time to Pause

It is day 4 after my first chemo treatment. The journey has officially begun. The past several days have been my opportunity to pause and observe my body’s unique reactions to the chemo drugs and adapt to the changes that are occurring, not to mention the adjustment to the changes in my typically very active and engaged lifestyle. It has been interesting to watch myself. I say interesting since my physical body has been suffering from fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea and a few other changes that are new to… Read more Time to Pause