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Today I look over my shoulder and take in memories of over thirteen months of cancer treatments. Today is the last time an IV will be hooked up to my meta port as I receive my final course of immunotherapy (the not so toxic chemo drugs) intended as extra insurance that breast cancer will not return. Today I will bless the chemicals for the last time as they drip into my chest. Today I will give thanks once again for all the loving care I received over the past thirteen… Read more Today

Good-bye 2019: Thanks for Everything

It has been my custom for many years to look back through my appointment book on December 31st to reflect on all my life events over the previous twelve months. It has been my way of appreciating all of my life’s activities one more time before closing the book and opening a new one. This year provided me a totally different experience. I turned pages for many months with only doctor and chemo appointments filling the lines. Although I was certainly living through those empty pages, I did not have… Read more Good-bye 2019: Thanks for Everything

Suffering is Optional

When I first read the Buddhist saying, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”, it felt like I found the key to happiness in print. It made perfect sense to me. Perhaps it resonated so clearly because I always tended to naturally live my life that way. I am one that recovers from pain quickly. It doesn’t matter if my pain is emotional, spiritual or physical, my focus has always been to lean into feeling better rather than prolonging suffering. It simply made more sense to me. Sometimes I wonder why… Read more Suffering is Optional

The Power of Perspective

Why is it that countless people can face essentially the same experiences in life and have different emotional responses to it? My theory is that it is simply because their mindset is holding a different perspective. Using the POWER of PERSPECTIVE is my favorite go-to tool whenever I am in a situation that is potentially frightening or intimidating or causing me to feel stuck. For instance, when being diagnosed with breast cancer, rather than focusing on the possibility of suffering or even dying, my mind automatically went to gratitude that… Read more The Power of Perspective

Mindless Regeneration

The human body is an amazing creation. It is fascinating how it works so well and how it can stop working without our awareness or permission. Our hearts beat without our minds willing them to beat. Our lungs take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide naturally and without our remembering to make them work. Digestion occurs mindlessly. Our eyes can see simply by looking. Our ears can hear whatever sounds are present nearby. Since most of our body’s functions take place without work and without our interference or special… Read more Mindless Regeneration

V is for Virtues and Victory (Part 1)

As a typical human being that is trying to do my best while navigating this adventure called life, I am learning what many folks may refer to as being old-fashioned rules, VIRTUES can come in very handy when you want to be VICTORIOUS in meeting a challenge. Although I did not set out to be virtuous when I embarked on the most challenging experience of my life, I am noticing many virtues have stepped up as my guides along the way. Now that I am through the worst of it,… Read more V is for Virtues and Victory (Part 1)

The Story of 3 Marys and 1 Nancy

I felt especially good yesterday. I felt like my old normal. As I took off for a walk with my dog Thor my energy was high and my legs felt as if they actually belonged to me for a change rather than feeling as if I had a transplant from a weak specimen of a human that had no coordination. As I strode up Main Street I was feeling complete gratitude for being able to do so with my old power and swiftness carrying me along. It was exciting to… Read more The Story of 3 Marys and 1 Nancy