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Tag: Gratitude

Thank You, 2020

Typically on the last day of the year I look back on the days I lived with gratitude. Some of the days may not have been my best, due to our pandemic but I still gained something in spite of my disappointments, challenges, pains and sorrows. I learned a lot, including how comfortable and at peace I can be living in isolation, even though I am a full-blooded extrovert. This year, very much like my cancer journey, I learned I am resilient. In fact I am unstoppable. Below you will… Read more Thank You, 2020

A Metaphorical Lesson

I love a good metaphor. I see them everywhere and can honestly say that they are one of the greatest resources for my spiritual growth.  This morning I set out for a trek. It happens to be a hot, humid, sweat-producing kind of day, so I was not confident it would be a positive experience. I made a note to myself that I was setting myself up for failure with my negative anticipation. The first mile was a struggle. My legs felt like hollow logs filled with wet sand. (How… Read more A Metaphorical Lesson

Good-bye 2019: Thanks for Everything

It has been my custom for many years to look back through my appointment book on December 31st to reflect on all my life events over the previous twelve months. It has been my way of appreciating all of my life’s activities one more time before closing the book and opening a new one. This year provided me a totally different experience. I turned pages for many months with only doctor and chemo appointments filling the lines. Although I was certainly living through those empty pages, I did not have… Read more Good-bye 2019: Thanks for Everything

Mindless Regeneration

The human body is an amazing creation. It is fascinating how it works so well and how it can stop working without our awareness or permission. Our hearts beat without our minds willing them to beat. Our lungs take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide naturally and without our remembering to make them work. Digestion occurs mindlessly. Our eyes can see simply by looking. Our ears can hear whatever sounds are present nearby. Since most of our body’s functions take place without work and without our interference or special… Read more Mindless Regeneration

Forever Changed

As I observe myself move through each day I cannot help but feel grateful for any good that I can see, feel, hear or even taste. I have always been blessed by living a rather privleged life. I have a husband that is at my side to help me with whatever I may need, a family and many friends that love me, a comfortable home, great food to eat and a business that gives me opportunities to live out my life’s purpose while assisting others to do the same. I… Read more Forever Changed

Staying Awake

Now that the PLAY button for my life has been hit I have resumed living with enthusiasm and joyful action, which means I must not fall asleep and lose sight of why I am even here. Although I am not completely back to my normal self physically, since I am still dealing with the side effect of weakness in my legs, I am without a doubt, back in the game of life. What I’m noticing is present now on a regular basis, after being absent for many months is DESIRE.… Read more Staying Awake


When I began my Chemo journey, it felt as if a PAUSE button for my life had been pushed. All of my usual activities came to a halt. I was no longer actively engaged with life. I was PAUSED. I was no longer shopping, reading, enjoying big belly laughs, doing morning yoga, cooking, or making To-Do lists. I was no longer making cold calls to potential future clients, co-creating workshop activities with my business partner, presenting, writing, cooking or traveling. I was no longer adding appointments to my calendar or… Read more From PAUSE to PLAY

Musings of Missing

Having completed my sixth and final round of the big-time toxic Chemo, (the stuff that knocks the stuffin’ out of you) I now have the privilege of looking back to assess what I will miss from this experience, as well as what I won’t. Since I generally try to focus on the blessings in my life, even when it is hard to find any, there are many things that I have appreciated a great deal while navigating cancer and chemo, I will miss their absence as my life gradually returns… Read more Musings of Missing