Inspire Thyself

In my regular life (pre-breast cancer) I had a routine to start my day by reading something positive that would inspire me to keep my thoughts fine tuned in a direction that would serve me well.

I read a lot of books, would seek out quotes on the internet and read articles in spiritually based magazines.

Staying inspired has always been my secret weapon to stay ahead of the curve emotionally, spiritually and even physically while navigating any of life’s challenges that inevitably appear, sometimes without warning.

What I have noticed since being absorbed with Chemo and the wide variety of side effects and challenges that it has brought to my experience is that I haven’t had the energy or mental focus to seek out my usual inspiration to get through the day.

Today, however, I randomly saw a quote that I had written and took the time to pause to take in the meaning and feel the impact.

As it turns out, it was a perfect reminder to myself right now as I feel weaker and more ill than I did several days ago, to not be brought down by it.

Since my heart was apparently open to being inspired, I sought out more of my own previously recorded wisdom and found myself feeling a bit of a boost.

What I know to be true about humans is that it is when we are challenged it is often easier to focus on what is wrong and gradually give up hope than it is to seek out any and all positive thoughts and inspiration.

Seeking out my own inspiring advice previously shared with others so that I can absorb it for myself is a very positive step in the right direction in my recovery. Although my physical symptoms persist, I feel better.


  1. Well, Kate, what a wonderful observation to share with us: looking within by literally looking at what you have shared with others. Thanks a million for showing us you — the insights you have of your present journey through cancer, chemo, and recovery — the goo, schmoo, poo, as well as the smiles and ah-hah’s. Love you, my friend!


  2. The last day of February and first day of reading your blog posts! So glad I remembered to sign up! the “Good News/Bad News” post was well done (in the sense that “you had me going.” And today’s self-inspirational post was exactly what I would expect from you! You must have a treasure trove of such memes collected and stored over many years of walking the walk. Love, Larry


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